Why Rooted Baby


  • We do the work so you get more time back in your day!
  • Fresh and quality food delivered to you.
  • Immediately frozen to lock in nutrients, color and flavor. This also gives you the flexibility to use when you want so the food doesn't go to waste!


  • Organic allows the produce to shine with the more nutrients than conventional.
  • Produce is most nutrient dense when consumed or frozen shortly after harvest. That’s why we source locally and immediately freeze,"nature's pause button*".
  • Rooted Baby steams and roasts all it’s produce to ensure maximum nutritional value.
  • Processing for shelf stable, unrefrigerated, store-bought food depletes the produce of most of the nutritional value. Our process kills bacteria while maintaining the integrity of the food.


  • Healthy, unprocessed first foods positively contribute to better behavior, immunity development and brain development.
  • Taste buds are developed starting at 4 months old.


  • Fresh just tastes better!


  • By sourcing locally we are reducing the carbon footprint.
  • We use glass jars and BPA free containers which can be recycled.
  • Our glass jars can be collected and returned to Rooted Baby. For every 15 jars returned you will receive a FREE jar on your next delivery.

* American Frozen Food Institute