Do I have to live in Austin, TX to get Rooted Baby purees?

Yes, for now with the exception of our special holiday deliveries to the Dallas, TX area. If you want to know when this happens please follow us on Instagram and Facebook as we will post our announcements there.

Stay tuned as we are always working on ways to make our purees accessible to more little ones.

How do I place my first order?

Just click on the package you wish to order and add it to your cart. You will then select the flavor choices for the week. We recommend adding the Cooler Bag to your cart on your first purchase as this is how we keep your food cold upon delivery each week. This bag is yours to keep and just need to be set outside your door with the re-usable ice packs on delivery day. If you choose not to add the cooler bag you will need to have a cooler with ice packs outside your door on delivery day.

You can also purchase individual products online or find us at the Barton Creek Farmers' Market Saturday 9a - 1p and the Mueller Farmers' Market Sunday 10a - 2p.

Why frozen?

Freezing is "nature's pause button". Freezing locks in nutrients, flavor and color.  It also allows you flexibility when feeding your little one without having to worry about your food going bad. 

How do I make my choices each week with the subscription?

You will receive an email the week before your delivery with the seasonal choices for the next week. If you forget to respond, no worries, you will receive the same yummy flavors as the week before. If the options are not available you will receive the closest substitute.

Where does the produce come from?

Rooted Baby currently partners with Johnson’s Backyard Garden, Green Gate Farms, and Springdale Farm. We are always looking for new farm partner’s occasionally buying from the local farmer’s markets.

What is in Rooted Baby food?

We use ONLY 100% organic ingredients and nothing else. Currently, all of our food is plant based avoiding common allergens within the infant/toddler demographic.

Where does the produce come from?

Rooted Baby currently partners with Johnson’s Backyard Garden, Green Gate Farms, and Springdale Farm. We are always looking for new farm partner’s occasionally buying from the local farmer’s markets, Central Market and Whole Foods.

What happens if something is out of season?

Some items like apples aren’t as available locally so these items will come from Central Market or Whole Foods as we trust their sourcing.

Do I have to order within my child’s age range?

No! You can order from any package at any time. If you feel your child is ready for more complex combos, go for it!

What if my child is ready for the next stage?

Just email us and we will move you to the next stage.

How often do you deliver?

You can select every 1 or 2 weeks. 

Is there a delivery fee?

Subscriptions and orders over $50 are always free! $5.50 will be added for orders under $50.

How is the food packaged?

Rooted Baby would use all glass if it were possible, what we use as packaging is super important and can impact health. That's why we use glass jars for the purees, BPA free pouches and BPA free plastic for the frozen cubes and some Stage 3 foods.  

We also cook all of our food prior to packaging to prevent heating the plastic. 

How do I cancel my subscription service?

You will be missed and know you can return at any time. Just send us an email to cancel your subscription service. You must complete the current week’s services before the cancellation takes effect.

Where is the food prepared and packaged?

Rooted Baby is prepared and packaged at a licensed commercial kitchen called Vanilla Orchid Catering (7433 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757).

What do I do with all these glsss jars?

FREE FOOD! For every 15 clean, empty jars (no lids please), you return you will receive a free jar on your next order. Just place the empty jars* in your Rooted Baby cooler bag on delivery day or you can collect and bring to the Farmer's Market.  We will recycle them and you get a free jar of food!

OR... you can keep them and use them for anything really. They make great travel snack containers too.

* Jars will only be collected when you have 15. No lids, just recycle those. Jars must be clean without any food particles. No partial returns please.

What is your return and refund policy?

It is important to us that you are happy with your product. Please contact us immediately if you have questions or concerns. We want to hear and learn how to improve but because our products are perishable we do not accept returns.

What if my baby doesn't like what I ordered?

Of course we would love it if every baby ate everything on the first try! Our goal is to provide a variety of flavors for your little one so they are happy and full. However, we do not issue refunds if your baby doesn't like a certain puree/food. Also, keep in mind that babies taste buds are being developed so what they may not like today they may eat tomorrow! It is best to introduce a baby to a food at least 7 times before you conclude that you baby does not like it. Our taste buds are developed!

What do I do if my baby has a food allergy?

A list of all ingredients will be clearly labeled on each package. You will have a variety of options to choose from each week to ensure you are getting your little one an option that works for them. If you are just introducing your baby to solids we recommend the "Introduction Package" under stage one as it is designed with single flavor profiles to make intros easy!

 What do I do once my order has arrived?

Jars/Pouches/Bowls:  These will be frozen so please place them in the freezer immediately. Any flavors you wish to eat that day or the next you can place in the refrigerator for defrost.

Frozen Cubes: The one-ounce cubes will need to be placed in the freezer as soon as possible.

How long is the food good for?

Each package will include an "Enjoy By" date which is 3 months from when it was prepared. The food is made fresh and frozen immediately to lock in all those nutrients. The produce will last up to 6 months but the nutrients will start to diminish after 3 months so we recommend consuming before then. 

How do I prepare the purée?

Refridgerator: We recommend defrosting in the refrigerator overnight.

Microwave: For the jars only: You can heat in the microwave as well, just be sure to stir well and test it before giving it your baby as it creates inconsistencies in heating. Bowls can be placed in a separate microwave safe container for heating. 

Hot Water: You can run under hot water, just change the water several times. 

Please do not leave the food on the counter to defrost as this promotes the growth of bacteria.

Please enjoy the defrosted baby food within 48 hrs of defrost.

How much do I feed my baby?

Each baby is different and your baby will typically tell you when they are all done.